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PAS July Shoot

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Practical Action Shooters & IDPA

On July 12th the Practical Action Shooters will host the annual “Movie Match” IDPA shoot. Match your skills to the likes of The Outlaw Josie Wales, John McClain, Indiana Jones, or Dirty Harry. Sign up at 10AM, new shooter orientation at 10:30, with shooting starting at 11AM. Shoot cost is $10 per weapon, it will be a 100 round minimum, three magazines/speed loaders, a holster, a magazine holster (helpful), concealing garment (jacket, shirt, etc.) as well as eye and ear protection. There will be a BUG (back up gun) side match afterwards. You will need a weapon with a 5 round capacity; barrel length of less than 3.8” for semi-automatics and 3” for revolves. The BUG match will NOT require a cover garment and will NOT require reloads on the clock. The BUG match be $5 per weapon